SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

With the popularity of LED outdoor screen, it is more and more used for lighting and store layout, becoming a beautiful scenery line in modern metropolis.

SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen features: 

1. Strong visual impact, dynamic picture and sound, all-round let the audience feel, effectively transmit advertising information to guide consumption. In the face of overwhelming advertising, memory limitations and unlimited information dissemination, the use of LED display has become a scarce resource.

2. According to the shape of the wall, it can be straight or curved. Shape diversity creates more personalization and strong visual impact;

3. The credibility of the audience is high. Compared with the rejection and distrust of the advertising flyers artificially distributed on the street, the application of LED display makes the audience more active and passive. It can avoid the help barriers caused by the conscious active avoidance of the advertising audience, and greatly improve the credibility and promotion of the LED screen advertising content.

4. Accurate advertising, the original extensive advertising effect is not good, resulting in waste, so it is more product content to meet the needs of the masses, hot news, hot TV and movies can be used for reference, to control the market heat and laws freely.

Product structure: outdoor LED display mainly consists of screen body, control system, heat dissipation system and structure. The control mode includes remote control and field control, timing switch, etc.

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