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Introduction to LED peripheral products: all LED display screens are composed of peripheral products. The surrounding products are mainly divided into these categories.

I. video processor, which is often used in engineering and leasing. Image zooming.

The display mode of LED display screen is point-to-point, which determines that the LED display screen can only display pictures with the same physical resolution size as itself. LED video processor can zoom the image, output the picture in any size, and map the whole desktop to the LED screen.

2. Signal conversion and switching

Video processing equipment can complete the format conversion among many signals. Another important function of the video processor is to manage all kinds of signals when there are multiple access signals, and to switch between them flexibly.

3. Image quality improvement

Because the pixel spacing of LED display is much larger than that of other flat-panel display media, there are strict requirements for image processing technology, especially image enhancement technology. High quality LED video processor can use advanced algorithms to modify the signal with poor image quality, perform a series of processing, such as de interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation, etc., to enhance the details of the image and improve the image quality.

4. Large screen splicing

At present, the point spacing of LED screen is becoming smaller and smaller, and the overall dimension is becoming larger and larger, which makes the physical resolution of LED screen become very large. LED video processor with splicing function can drive large-resolution screen, which is a very cost-effective driving mode.

5. Multi screen processing

In many special scenes, a display screen needs to display multiple images with the same or different signals. The video processor with multi image processing function can flexibly meet such display requirements.

Due to the influence of regional weather and other factors, the outdoor display screen requires the video processor to have more excellent image quality improvement ability and advanced image scaling algorithm to ensure the sharpness and gray level of the image to the greatest extent after the video image is scaled. In addition, the video processor is also required to have a wealth of image adjustment options and effects to process the image brightness, contrast and gray level, so as to ensure the soft and clear screen output.

II. Air plug connector. Power and data are transmitted between boxes through air plug connector. The air plug is mainly divided into male head and female head. It is divided into indoor and outdoor according to the use scenario. His use makes the connection fast and safe.

3. Wire, the wire is mainly divided into 1 and 5V power lines, the wire connecting the power supply to the card, 2 and 220V power lines, the network cable connecting the power supply and the power supply, 3, the signal network cable, the network cable connecting the receiving card and the receiving card, 4, the cable arrangement, the cable arrangement between the module and the module and between the receiving card and the module. 4. Card wire, wire connecting receiving card and power supply

IV. receiving card is mainly used to receive data processing data and set screen parameters according to screen.

V. main card: the main card is divided into synchronous sending card and asynchronous card. The synchronous sending card is the synchronous display of the computer or other signal sources. The asynchronous sending card is to preset the content, send and store. Then the signal is off the external link.

Vi. power supply, which is mainly used to provide transformer power for screen body, also called transformer.

7. Box structure, mainly including die-casting aluminum box and iron box according to material classification, simple box and waterproof box according to use.

Peripheral products are selected according to customers' requirements, with various brands.

Colorlight  Sending box of LED Display
Colorlight Sending box of LED Display

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