Mirror Poster LED Display

Led poster screen / LED advertising machine / full-color LED mirror screen is a complete advertising broadcast control system composed of terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and advertising is carried out through multi-media materials such as pictures, text, video, small plug-ins (weather, clock, map, exchange rate, etc.).The initial idea of the display advertising machine is to change advertising into active, so the interaction of the advertising machine makes it have many public service functions, and to attract customers to browse advertising actively and compulsively.

With the development of intelligent city construction and intelligent technology, the mission of LED display advertising machine at the beginning of its birth is to change the mode of advertising passive communication, and the visual display LED poster screen attracts customers to actively browse advertising through interaction.The development direction of LED advertising machine has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, hot attraction, etc.The full-color LED poster screen is the ultra-thin high-definition LED display screen newly developed by our company. The models include p2led advertising machine, p2.5led advertising machine, LED display independent advertising machine, visual display LED poster screen, walk show advertising screen and full-color LED poster screen. The thinnest is only 5cm, which is really ultra-thin, ultra clear and ultra delicate.

What are the effect characteristics of LED poster screen / walk show advertising screen / LED mirror screen / LED advertising machine?

1.Time domain

The ultimate purpose of LED advertising machine is to occupy the market share of advertising. Because the advertising machine can carry out advertising communication beyond the time and space constraints, so that the advertising can be carried out without the time and space constraints, the media companies will play advertising for more time periods, and the advertising machine is on standby 24 hours a day at any time.According to the requirements of many media companies, general advertising machines have on-off time to play advertisements, effectively spreading and displaying the effectiveness of advertisements.


The design of advertising machine can spread a variety of media information.Such as text, voice, image and other information, which makes the advertisement more vivid and humanized.And can give full play to the creativity and initiative of media companies.


The promotion on the advertising machine is one-to-one, rational, consumer oriented, non forced, step-by-step, and a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoiding the interference of the strong promotion by the salesman, and establishing a long-term good relationship with the consumers through information provision.


Advertising machine has become a kind of market channel with great development potential because of its strong purchasing power and strong market influence.


Advertising machines get rid of the traditional advertising mode, such as traditional flyers, newspapers and magazines, etc., while advertising machines and tools are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, multi-directional and multi-dimensional to provide a variety of communication, which is easily accepted by the majority of groups.

6.High efficiency

Advertising machine can store a large number of information, can transmit information quality and accuracy far more than other media, and can timely update information or adjust in response to market demand, so timely and effectively meet customer needs.


Advertising through advertising machine can replace flyers, newspapers and TV advertisements. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of printing, mailing and expensive TV advertisements. On the other hand, CF card and SD card can be rewritten many times to reduce the loss of multiple exchanges.


Advertising machine is built on the basis of high technology as the equipment of the media company. The implementation of marketing must have certain technical support, change the traditional concept, meet the needs of the media company and customers. The company needs compound talents skilled in the operation of advertising machine, computer technology, video editing, image and image processing, so as to have the competitive advantage in the future market.

Application scenario: advertising machine is widely used in large-scale supermarkets, clubs, squares, hotels, government agencies and families.Advertising content has strong effectiveness, fast update speed, and content can be changed at any time.

Light and colorful is a little bit of ingenuity

Poster screen is an anti-traditional screen splicing design, a fashionable and simple integrated appearance design, a light and thin body, more accessories and function combinations, and a colorful and changeable scene.

What kind of effect parameters are led poster screen / walk show advertising screen / LED mirror screen / LED advertising machine?

Just the right protection, I'm right in front of you

We equipped the poster screen with PC protection, which is crystal clear like water, but has the smooth and texture of ice.

It's a kind of flexible form, which makes you think as you like and come at your fingertips.Take care to protect, it's your agreement

Colorful, I can't hide the gorgeous, all aluminum frame, car metal paint, and embedded buttons to a close contact, our designers will be a variety of functional buttons embedded in the frame.Zero setting.

Level management realizes module self communication and self-management, thus realizing zero setting of poster screen, making poster screen simple and easy to operate, powerful intelligent processing chip, high performance, making poster screen with high refresh and segmented gray control.

It can effectively improve the image quality and provide intelligent operation monitoring and management functions. The maintenance of the display screen has never been so convenient. The intelligent control board, hot plug signal and power plug-in mode attached to the module, as well as the reliable permanent magnet protection system realize the 5-second module front maintenance.

With the shrinking market demand for point spacing, the visual display LED poster screen will provide only the replacement of the display module without changing the structure and other upgrading services. The foundation of this new business model is a subversive result.

What kind of price and effect control mode is led poster screen / walk show advertising screen

The playback content of the built-in media player can be updated through WiFi, USB and HDMI. The built-in 5g storage space supports almost all video and picture formats.

At the same time, it supports HDMI signal input and output, and can synchronize the computer to use the third-party media playing software.

What kind of effect display mode is led poster screen / walk show advertising screen / LED mirror screen / LED advertising machine

The poster screen can realize multi screen cascade, and creatively introduce the puzzle mode, image mode and split screen mode.

Infinite cascade, more connected visually, extends our vision.

Mirror Poster LED Display
Mirror Poster LED Display

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