Led Lamp Post Pole Display

With the continuous upgrading of terminal consumption in smart city, LED lamp pole screen, as an indispensable information carrier in smart street lamp system, is welcomed by many media companies and government agencies.

LED light pole screen is mainly installed on the street light pole on both sides of the highway and the street. Because the light pole display screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, no matter how far the car goes, it is always accompanied by the HD light pole display screen. The lamp post display screen not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information release, advertisement promotion, etc., but also plays a considerable role in alleviating the fatigue of automobile drivers on the highway.

LED intelligent light pole screen can quickly get the favor of consumers, which comes from the following natural advantages:

1. It has multiple control modes of WiFi / 3G / 4G / network cable, and the Internet can update the display content of light pole screen remotely, which is simple, fast and convenient

2. The high-definition intelligent lamp pole screen adopts the best three in one technology of waterproof and UV resistant SMD in the industry.

3. The intelligent LED light pole screen presents a full outdoor high-definition and high-definition picture. It uses RGB deep gray processing to support the point by point annotation function to maintain the consistency of advertising content and color brightness. Let the color of the advertisement more gorgeous, the picture quality more high-definition exquisite.

4. The lamp pole screen body is equipped with fixed stiffener plate, which can be tensile, shockproof, self cooling, and extend the service life;

5. The high-definition intelligent lamp pole screen has the protection grade of IP65 and is not afraid of any bad weather.

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