LED Ceiling Display

Led ceiling display content is rich and diverse, which directly determines its application is very extensive. Many net red cards use 5D effect ceiling screens, such as floating snow on the screen, adding snowflakes from snowflake machine on both sides of the screen to feel the real winter. Of course, this is just an example. There are many colorful and interesting pictures to show, such as the underwater world, the scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter all year round, etc. Create a different 5D scene, add a unique landscape for businesses, and enhance business value.  


 Features of LED ceiling panel:         

1. Product model diversity, according to the floor height, choose different clarity, choose more suitable products.     

 2. It can be maintained in front and back. Many ceiling heights are not enough, so it can be directly used as pre maintenance products.         

 3. It can display 5D picture, 3D picture and 2D picture, with various choices, suitable for different needs of users.            4. According to the condition of the top surface, the screen can be made into a straight and arc surface, not limited by the installation site.          

 5. Support a variety of signal sources, SDI, HDMI, DVI, vgad, etc., which can meet the requirements of live broadcast, video rebroadcast, etc          

  Screen structure: indoor fixed installation screen adopts high-strength magnetic absorption structure, with good front heat dissipation effect, no fan structure, no noise.

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